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Two emergency actions to stop NYC’s homeless purge on trains
February 21, 2014

We knew this was coming - NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is rolling out his first major anti-homeless policing initiative. And we’re ready to fight back. And we need your help.
DNAInfo is reporting that at 3AM on Monday, the City will start purging sleeping homeless people from the subways, stopping trains at two stations to force people off and into a shelter or a hospital. But the NYPD will be on hand, presumably to arrest people who refuse to go. It’s framed as an MTA response to the increased volume of homeless people during this bitter cold winter, but this is a police action, pure and simple. Homeless people who ride the trains have already assessed and rejected the shelter and the hospital as alternative options.
Our main concerns are:
  1. Folks will be profiled as homeless and told to leave the trains after they’ve paid their fare
  2. Folks will be told to leave the train if they are homeless regardless if they’ve been on the train for 15 minutes or 15 days. It isn’t against the law to be riding a subway while homeless!
  3. Besides being a misguided, broken windows strategy, this is a clear violation of the newly-passed Community Safety Act, and its ban on profiling based on “housing status” or perceived homelessness.
  4. While it is problematic that there is a huge increase in homelessness in NYC policing is not the solution, housing is.

Some of our members have already written powerful responses, captured here on our blog. But statements are not enough.

On Sunday, February 23rd, we’ll gather at NYPD headquarters to hold a press conference condemning this blatant violation of our rights.

3PM, Sunday February 23rd
1 Police Plaza (4/5/6 train to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; behind the Municipal Building)

And then at 3AM, when the MTA is scheduled to roll out this new policy, we’ll be on hand with legal observers to monitor the enforcement and ensure no ones rights are violated! 
3AM, Monday February 24th
Jamaica Center Subway Station, E PlatformWTC Subway Station, E Platform
We really really need your help, at either or both of these important actions. We knew that when Bratton returned as NYPD commissioner, bad policing was on its way - but if we fight back fast and hard, we can show him that a lot has changed in New York City since he’s been away, and folks won’t stand for profiling of any kind!

- Picture the Homeless NYC

In news related to NYC’s homelessness crisis & deplorable shelter system, 400 children & their families will be removed from two city shelters - Auburn in Brooklyn & Catherine Street in Manhattan - for more than 400 violations, including “vermin, mold, lead exposure, an inoperable fire safety system, insufficient child care and the presence of sexual predators, among them, a caseworker.” 

Disgusting shelter conditions, high rates of sexual abuse, violence, & pure bureaucratic bullshit people have to deal with when entering the shelter system are exactly why there are so many street homeless people & subway sleepers here. Now people will be kicked out of the only warm (& relatively safe) shelter they can find in the city.

The homeless population in New York City includes more than 52,000 people, including 22,000 youth. 

Signal boost for tomorrow’s action:

3PM, Sunday February 23rd
1 Police Plaza (4/5/6 train to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; behind the Municipal Building)




Lets Stand Our Ground tonight by coming together to discuss and voice our frustrations on the death of Jordan Davis and the ongoing Dunn Trial. The call will serve two purposes; the creation of the space to vent and discuss this and other incidents and their implications in the Black community and what actions we can take as activists and community members moving forward irregardless of the verdict.

Please dial in and reblog, retweet and instagram this photo. The more participants and minds and hearts the stronger we are.

Conf Dial In Number: 712-432-1500

Access Code: 402394


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